GS Auto-Alarms

What are the benefits
of a tracker?

We are based in the West Midlands but cover the whole of England and Wales, Just contact us for advise, We Provide Security For Your Pride And Joy Vehicle Tracker Services

What are the benefits of a tracker?

Security 100%
Real-time Monitoring 100%
Movement Alerts 100%
Live Tracking 100%
Records Journeys 100%
24/7 Operations Center Monitoring 100%
Monitors your Main Battery 100%
Self Maintaining 100%
Cheaper insurance 100%
Piece of Mind 100%

Thatcham Accredited

BikeTrac is S7 Thatcham Accredited. The devices protects multiple levels, offering GPS location and radio frequency (RF) detection. The RF allows us to pin-point a device to an accuracy of just one meter, which can help with gaining search warrants.

R1250 GS LC

Interest Free Finance

Take advantage of our 12-month 0% Finance, offering a BikeTrac unit inclusive of Installation AND one year’s subscription for just £39 per month with a 10% deposit. This includes a one-year warranty and professional discreet installation for peace of mind.

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